Art Paintings

Steam train. Drawings from my younger days, amazing that my Mum kept them.
Even at 5 years of age the artistic talent was pretty obvious!!
Alien landscape in watercolour – circa 1990s.
“Ruby Van Gogh” (2000) – a watercolour I painted for my niece based loosely on Van Gogh’s “A Bedroom in Arles” (1888).
My first oil painting was a reproduction of “Chinese Lanterns” by Sarah Spackman, completed in 2001.
I have always been fascinated and inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and so it was only natural that I would paint some of his artwork. Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Auvers Village Street and Steps” (Auvers-sur-Oise, May 1890). This oil painting was completed in 2002.
Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “The Old Mill” (Arles, Sep 1888). Chosen by my Mum and painted between 2001 & 2004.
African elephant – original oil painting based on Zambia travel photo, commenced in 2002… and still unfinished.
Port of Essaouira in Morocco – original oil painting based on travel photo, another unfinished painting, commenced in 2002.
“Windmill and Moon” – a reproduction exercise of a water colour painting from an Art Education book, painted in 2008.
Oil painting reproduction of Van Gogh’s “A Lane Near Arles” (1888), chosen by Matilda, completed between Aug – Sep 2009.
Oil painting reproduction of Picasso’s “Three Musicians” (1921), a gift for my nephew, completed in 2009.
Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Undergrowth with Two Figures” (Auvers-sur-Oise, 1890). Commenced in 2002 & finally finished in 2010.
Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, painted at Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Southern France (1889). Chosen by Charli and painted between 2010 and 2014.
Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Irises against a yellow background” (May 1890), for my niece. This painting was commenced in 2010 and completed in December 2014, just in time for xmas.
“Alice in Red Teapot” – oil reproduction of acrylic painting by Leanne Wilkes, completed in 3 months in 2015.
Oil reproduction of Charles Blackman’s “Prelude to Alice” (1955) – part of the Alice in Wonderland series. I added the cat. Painted for my sister. Painted between 2014 and 2016.
Reproduction of Joan Miro oil painting, ” Woman and Bird in the Moonlight” (1949), hanging in the Art Umbrella drama studio, Caringbah. This took one year to paint and it was completed in 2017.
Large reproduction of Picasso’s two paintings titled “Three Musicians” (1921), a mixture of both paintings, which exemplify the synthetic cubist style. Each painting features a Harlequin, a Pierrot and a Monk. Commenced in 2010 – work in progress… almost there. This painting will stay with me.
Oil reproduction of Charles Blackman’s “Alice in a Boat” (1956). Commenced in 2017. Work in progress… very close to finishing.
Abstract Moroccan landscape oil painting , based on acrylic paintings by Gerry Dudgeon. Work in progress. This painting is for a friend. Commenced in July 2022. Keen to finish this one in 2024.